Security, Security, And A Silly Chicken

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I hope your weekend has gone well. On a completely unrelated note, where did this silly chicken come from?!?! 

Most importantly, today, I want to be sure that you have all the important links for the big Equifax leak/hack.  First, they got hacked because they left their server unpatched like noobs. Then they had a second hack because they used 'admin' as the username of an important database. Did I mention acting like noobs? Yeah, for real!

(Not sure what a noob is? Read more here:

Here's the run-down of the situation from NY Times:

Here are the links you will need to freeze your credit accounts. Yes, it's a pain in the butt, however, it's pretty important and the best method for safety.  (You probably should ALSO set a fraud alert. They are different things.)





One more thing... There's a lot of fake information and myths swirling around Facebook so I suggest you check out this post and pass it along to those who need it:

Since we're talking about hacking, this is a reminder that you need to have Two-Factor Authentication (aka "2FA") set up on your important online accounts. I adore Authy for helping make the process a little less painful. I talk more about that here:

And while you're over on Facebook, be sure to drop in and let us know if you are "Type A" or "Type B" ->

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There's a bunch of stuff going on this week so I'll see you tomorrow!

Have a great day,
~ Kim ~

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